Testimonial 7 – RG, Livermore

“I came to Dr. Behzadi by several referrals from family and friends. I saw Dr. Behzadi for knee pain from a snowboarding injury 2 years ago. My experience with Dr. Behzadi and his staff has been 5-star treatment.

I have always had a wonderful experience each time I have been seen in his office. He is an excellent physician that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of an orthopedic doctor.”

-RG, Livermore

Testimonial 6 – IP, Tracy

“I saw Dr. Behzadi for a knee injury. Hie is a great orthopedic surgeon. I had ACL reconstruction surgery and had a great experience before, during and after surgery – minimum pain, swelling and bruising. Dr. Behzadi and his staff were great.”

-IP, Tracy

Testimonial 5 – LS, Fremont

“I saw Dr. Behzadi for bursitis in my hip during the time I was training for a 60-mile walking event. With just a couple of months to go before the event, I was very worried I could not participate. He was so helpful, both with advice and treatment.

He was patient, took the time to fully understand my history and situation, and with his guidance I was able to return to training and successfully complete my event — I never could have done it without his care! His office staff was so friendly and helpful. I was somewhat worried about missing my event, but everyone there made me feel at ease, and well taken care of.”

-LS, Fremont

Testimonial 4 – LB, Pleasanton

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that during my pre- and post-knee replacement surgery, Dr. Behzadi at all times displayed professional competence and a special concern for my well-being. I will always remember the enthusiastic and good-natured way he performs his job.”

-LB, Pleasanton

Testimonial 3 – HS

“I saw Dr. Behzadi for left knee pain in 2008 which I had been dealing with for several years. I had a previous knee replacement form another doctor and had seen several doctors, none of which could figure out what was wrong with my knee.

Dr. Behzadi spent a lot of time with me and determined I had a failed total knee prosthesis and a possible infection. Dr. Behzadi replaced the infected prosthetic and treated the infection. I am very happy with the care gtiven by Dr. Behzadi and my knee is doing very well”

– HS

Testimonial 2 – DA

“Dr. Behzadi operated, given me a total knee replacement on November 3, 2009. By Thanksgiving I was up and walking, amazing my family and friends. I had a very good recovery with no complications and minimal rehabilitation requirements. Dr. Behzadi’s attention to my special knee problems was very much appreciated. With Dr. Behzadi, the patient comes first.”

– DA

Testimonial 1 – RM, Livermore

“Dr. Behzadi operated on me two times, once for a broken hip and another time for a knee replacement. Both operations were totally successful. In addition, Dr. Behzadi ahs a wonderful personality, almost making any operation a joy. I highly recommend Dr. Behzadi.”

– RM, Livermore