Knee Stories – First Person

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.

Dave Richards, 43
Stryker Knee Replacement

richards“There’s a point where your life just becomes miserable if you don’t get it replaced.”

“My dad was always a real outdoorsman just like his father was. So he raised my brother and me the same way, active in a lot of sports — fishing, cycling, camping. I was always pushing the edge, which took its toll on my knees over the years. The pain got so intense I couldn’t do any of the activities I’ve always thrived on — and for me that’s not living anymore. So, I did a lot of research. I interviewed several surgeons, looked at the different knee designs, and you know, I was quite impressed with the Stryker knee. I had the knee replacement, and the moment I woke up from surgery. I noticed that the arthritis pain I’d been suffering all these years was gone”

Christine Ricciardi, 57
Stryker Knee Replacement

ricciardi“I shouldn’t have waited … I feel 20 years younger.”

“I’m a nurse and I’m on my feet 10 hours a day. Fifteen years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee. Arthritis set in, the joint deteriorated, and the pain grew worse. Coming home to elevate and ice my leg was more important than sitting at dinner with my family. I felt like an old woman. My doctor recommended total knee replacement, but I was afraid. Then I heard about minimally invasive surgery, and I decided to go for it. I was amazed that everything went so fast. I had such a quick recovery. My therapist said I was too fast for a walker — the day after surgery! Nine days later, I walked into my doctor’s office without even a cane. Stryker total knee replacement has totally improved my quality of life.”

Charisse Green, 42
Stryker Knee Replacement

charisse“I would say my quality of life is now 200%, versus 25% before the surgery.”

“I’m a mother of five. Grandmother of two. I have an active life, which has gotten even better since I had my knee replacement. Before the surgery, my activity was very limited. I was in severe pain for a good two years before I came to the conclusion a total knee replacement was the only way to go. My bicycle riding came to an end, my bowling, even cleaning around the house and playing with the children or dancing with my grandchildren. But now, oh wow! The pain factor is gone. I’m looking younger, I’m feeling younger, and I’ve lost a total of 71 pounds because I’m much more mobile. I can scrub floors, I can climb a stepladder, I can bend and stoop, I can get in and out of the car. What can’t I do? This is a quality of life procedure. It’s gonna get you out of bed, keep you off the crutches, and out of the wheelchair.”